Sunday, May 26, 2002

welp, this is my first blog! yay me. It took me forever to think of a URL for it cause all of em were taken, but Jorgito helped me out! Thanks Jorgito, ur the best! LoL..anyhoo...i'm definitely procrastinating from doing all my werk that's due..i have no clue how i'm gonna get it all biggie though. I'll get through all of it somehow...Let's day was fun today. I was originally doing my homewerk, but i went out with maggie instead. that was fun. we went to cvs and i got this photo of my papa and my sisters and i enlarged and it came out awesome. i framed it and everything. after cvs me and maggie stopped by marie's house to see if she was home, but no one was there, so we left to go to our houses to change cause it was so friggin hot, then we went to wendy's. that was many hotties did we see?? after that we went to shoprite and i bought some makeup supplies. ohm...i went home after that and my family and i reminisced about my grandfather for a while. so yea, my day was fun. i reallie gotta go and get one report out of the way, so i hope everything looks good...Love ya!